About Andy’s Wood Barn

I’m Andy Jantunen and I’ve been custom milling wood for over 30 years in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.  I’ve also been collecting premium cuts of specialty lumber for the same length of time.  I currently have over 100,000 board feet of air dried figured maple and other specialty cut lumber in inventory.  You won’t find a selection like this anywhere else.

If you’re looking for custom cut lumber, I specialize in large dimension beams for custom builders, fireplace mantles, and cut to order dimensions for custom furniture.  As well, I always  have a huge inventory of pre-cut furniture slabs and curly maple tonewood on hand. Contact me with your needs and I’ll be happy to provide you a quote.

Some of the services and products I provide are:

*Standard production cut hardwood for furniture, flooring, etc.

*Specialty curly and quilted maple, slabs or dimensional lumber

*Instrument Wood

*Custom Portable Sawmilling – Your Site or Mine

*Kiln Dried or Air Dried Lumber

*Craft/Turning Wood

*Specialty Wood /Burl Slabs and Burl Caps

*Dimensional Lumber/ by the board or by the lift

I also stock high grade Alder, Western Red Cedar, Clear Birch, Maple,  Black Walnut, English Walnut, Horse Chestnut, Black Locust, and lots more.

If you’re in the area, and want to stop by to browse through the inventory at one of my Wood Barns,  just give me a call   604-614-9282, or you can contact me at my email: andy@muchmaple.com .

I look forward to hearing from you!